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Architecture projects

Architecture projectsKept for more than half a century we will continue to endure our values

The highest level of architectural business

Daechang Enterprise's construction business has more than half a century of experience and technology, and it is equipped with the highest level of construction execution ability that customers can satisfy first. We are growing as a diversified company and technology development in apartments / luxury villas / medical / environment / commercial / distribution / education / research facilities, and are attracting attention as eco-friendly construction companies.

Main business portfolio

Main Business Area

Apartment " Zoom ", a residential building brand of Daechang Enterprise, is a newly launched brand in 2014 reflecting consumer needs to a finer point to provide better housing for customers. It is the desire of Daechang Enterprise employees to provide better environment and living space. Zoom Park in Ulsan, which started with a brand new brand, has undergone a tremendous amount of review so that customers can utilize the best space.
In addition to the apartments, Zoom will continue to innovate in the office room "Zoom City" and in the "Zoom Terrace", a two-storey residential space."
Commercial /
Business Facilities
Daechang has built beautiful landmark buildings with excellent technology based on long experience in public construction work and various project experiences in various fields. In the future, know-how of technological ability to build high-rise buildings has accumulated by combining future intelligent buildings and renewable energy technologies with construction companies. We are focusing our efforts on driving new business and urban life.
Hospitals /
Educational Research
Daechang Enterprise has expertise in hospital construction through various hospital construction experiences such as Ajou University Hospital, Geoje Daewoo Hospital, Ajou University Emergency Center / Wellness Center / Operation Room, Various educational facilities were newly built. Elementary, middle, and high school facilities are newly built through government and BTL construction, therefore Daechang Enterprise also have expertise in residential facilities and hospital / educational facilities.
Automobile The Daechang Enterprise has experience in automobile facilities and participated in new facilities, and various support facilities projects at GM and Ssangyong Motor plants. The know-how that has built other A / S offices and various automobile related facilities has been differentiated through technology compared to other companies.
construction work
Based on its long history and accumulated technology, Daechang Enterprise has been able to provide various kinds of buildings with functions and aesthetics with the highest level of domestic technology in public construction such as logistics warehouse, leisure, cultural facilities. Over half a century of architectural history will continue to be a long-term value of Daechang Enterprise, which considers customers and the environment first.