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Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projectsKept for more than half a century we will continue to endure our values

Rich know-how and technology through long term experience

Daechang Enterprise's infrastructure (civil engineering) business has successfully accomplished many projects such as roads, subways, harbors, sewage treatment, railways, bridges, etc. Under the eco-friendly construction method with abundant know-how and advanced technology through long experience.
We will continue to do our best to harmonize human and nature by changing the world and creating a beautiful space.

Main business portfolio

Main Business Area

Harbor / Marine harbor / marine projects have great significance as a national logistics / trade infrastructure.
Daechang has been involved in the port business of Jeju and other regions for about 30 years, including construction of Okpo wall,
LLNGC quay wall constructions and many other port / marine projects. We will contribute to the construction and expansion of the national infrastructure by continuing our efforts on harbor / marine construction projects with our experience and technology.
Roads / Bridges /
Roads / bridges / railways, a major infrastructure project in the country, is a business that contributes greatly to the balanced economic development of the nation. Daechang Enterprise has successfully carried out projects in many infrastructure fields such as Gangneung-Wonju Road, Jeju bypass Road, Subway Line 7, Kyungpook Line, Oseong-Cheongbuk Expressway and Wonju-Gangneung Railroad. We will focus on our technology.
Rivers / Environment Daechang has a lot of experience in projects in the environmental field relative to other general construction companies.
Suwon, Nonghong Industrial Complex, Geochang, Ilsan, Chuncheon, Songsan, etc., Water treatment plant, Yeongnam Quarantine Station and other national environmental projects. Daechang Enterprise will be an eco-friendly award-winning construction company and will actively participate in environmental conservation and nature-friendly projects to improve public health and improve the lives of the public in the future.
Energy / Etc. Infrastructure projects in the energy / other-energy sector are a necessary field to secure future growth engines. Daechang started the landfill construction of the Jeju LPG transportation pipe in 1979, and started construction of Jindu city gas piping / burial, Dangjin small hydro power generation facility, We have been striving to build energy facilities in various fields such as facility installation. Other projects include construction of 5 large-scale baseball fields, which are located in the middle of the ancient mountains, and the successful completion of major projects such as the Nam River and Samganghae repairs.