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CEO messageWelcome to Daechang Enterprise, where we care about nature and environment

Your Best Partner
Value kept more than a half century, we will live up to

Thank you very much for visiting Daechang Enterprise co. Ltd website.
Since its establishment in 1953, many thanks to your valuable
encouragement, Daechang was able to steadily grow and achieve
many accomplishments with our customers.

Based on our long experience and know-how, Daechang Company is
looking forward to next 100 years to come and it will be a company
that contributes to a better world and happiness of people.
All Daechang employees understand customer satisfaction
and happiness is the core root of the company’s existence thus
we will do our best to innovate in technology, quality and design to deliver its value.
In addition, based on the corporate philosophy of mutual co-existence
with business partners, we will create a coexisting relationship with our partners.

Furthermore, we promise that Daechang Enterprise will be a company
that is trusted by our customers,
business partners and employees and also a company that is loved by all the people.

Thank you.